Rental Packages and Shared Kitchen Program

Cucina Fresca Kitchen is a shared commercial kitchen which provides food cooking and processing equipment and cooler storage for fresh ingredients and rack storage for dry goods for hourly and monthly rental. Equipment is rented on a per hour basis on a 24/7 reserved calendar. There are multiple cooking and prep stations so there may be other cooks in the kitchen with you. It is a shared space so manners and etiquette are important.

Additional rental is available for class room training sessions, demos, cooking classes, tastings for clients and video equipment for marketing. We will be making available a retail space to sell your TO GO or packaged goods. Our website will feature each member and provide back links and other SEO benefits. We maintain a facebook, website, instagram and other social media marketing platforms to leverage your marketing and exposure.

Pricing is based upon hourly or monthly rates. Discounts are available for higher levels of committed monthly hours and length of committed term. All users much first apply and be accepted. Criteria for acceptance includes experience, safety practices, quality, insurance, certifications and ability to share a common space. If you need assistance in any of these areas, we can refer you to training programs and other resources. Our owners can also provide paid hands-on training for safety, cooking, cleanup as well as business practices for finance, startup, strategic planning and marketing. You or your fellow members can earn time by participating in our member or community mentorship program.

Members are required to maintain food preparation insurance and have current Food Management certifications. Assistants for cooking and prepping must have at least a food handling certification and a supervisor must be present who has their Food Management certification.

Please email us for pricing grid and application.

  • Baking Racks, Baking Oven
  • Meat Smoking Equipment
  • Food Prep Stations
  • Grill Station
  • Frying Station
  • Stove Top Cooking Station
  • Catering Serving and Transport Containers and Equipment
  • Mixing Equipment
  • Dry Storage Racking, by the liner foot, per month
  • Walk-in Cooler Racking, by the liner foot, per month
  • Freezer space, by the cubic foot, per month

Commission Program for Retail and Website Online Sales

  • Retail Sales 18% commission in-store or online. Includes merchant card processing fees. We will process sales tax for you as well.
  • Opportunity to earn up to 50% hourly credits for bartered labor for retail or cleaning duties. Each member is responsible for cleaning their own area after using.

Penalties and Fees

  • Merchant card fees are passed on to members.
  • Improper cleanup is subject to fines. Please let us teach you how to clean fast and effectively.
  • Improper food safety practices is subject to fines and/or loss of membership and access. Please let us teach you how to be safe.
  • Trash and waste containers are emptied after each member’s use. Improper practices are subject to fines.
  • Monthly payments will be made by ACH or approved check. Payment by credit or debit card is subject to 3% surcharge.