About Cucina Fresca Kitchen

We are three partners who have expanded upon the original vision of creating a commercial shared kitchen that was affordable, clean and supportive.

Paula Jordan owns Mother of Chicago Jam Company (Mocjam.com) and designs and produces her jam creations. “I wanted to create a space where my fellow food entrepreneurs could feel comfortable and work on their businesses.”

Princerra Levy owns BPV Products which creates its own specialty sauces. She also offers smoked meat catering services to the local area. “For several years, I thought about starting my own commercial shared kitchen. This opportunity come together quickly to partner with others and it fit. We hope our space will help others succeed as we build our member community.”

Bill Germanetti owns Impact Business Coaching, a consulting company for small to medium businesses. He is an part owner of several other companies. “I have always believed in building teams in order to fully leverage our gifts. Collaboration and shared efforts fit well within a single company or team. We decided to build a shared facility to include these benefits to our culinary community members.”

Cucina Fresca is Italian for Fresh Kitchen. We wanted to embody the heart of our members who pour, bake and cook their passion into their food creations using the freshest local ingredients prepared using the best time honored methods.