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Enjoy our Members’ creations – From Cucina Fresca Kitchen

August, 2020 – Please find our To GO MEALS and DESSERTS from Cucina Fresca Kitchen Members. Healthy, family style meals. All of our selections are made by our Members onsite.

  • Mother of Chicago Jam Company
  • Creations by Cerra Catering – To Go Meals for Families
  • Sister K’s Specialty Sauces
  • MedKit Meal Prep – To Go Meals for Fitness Community
  • Meals and Desserts by Paula – Fresh made soups, baked goods and desserts

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Retail Store – NOW OPEN! Online Shop (coming soon)

Pre-made Meals to Go and More! Come during open hours and take home healthy, family style meals and desserts. All food is produced onsite by our Members.

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“I finally have my own space.”

We have nearly 2,000 sq ft of space and equipment to help you lower stress, deliver on time and make more money. Co-operation space allows you to scale your costs to your current business volume and access commercial food preparation equipment.

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Members get 24/7 access to Prep Stations, Cooking Stations, Walk-Freezer, Dry Goods Storage and more. Retail space coming soon as well. Our memberships are based upon hourly usage and are billed monthly.